Our display shelves are full and our cupboards are overflowing so here is a way for you to look at some of our treasures that are stored in our archives.

These are in the collection of old Israeli games -

- and we have hundreds more.



The ring you see is a reproduction of those used in medieval times. The original rubber rings of this game have perished.

Here are some of our toys



This tiny wheeled duck - a toy from Barlevy's shop - was bought in Shuk Betsalel after the shop closed down.

This was lovingly mended by a grandmother after her grandchildren played with it. As a little girl she had brought it wih her from France.

Celluloid head of the doll she had had as a child,brought by young woman to Israel in the 1930's. Bought in Kikar Dizengoff shuk from her grandson selling off the contents of his deceased grandmother's cupboards. made in USA.

Boy doll with moulded baseball cap. Made in U.S.A. Bought 1967 from the same stallholder in Shuk Betsalel who had bought up the stock that had been left in the basement of Barlevy's store on Allenby Street in Tel Aviv.

Tiny celluloid doll brought from Austria.

 Even if you do not see well or are blind you can play.

Parent pressure in the U.S.A. changed the body shape of action toys.

The collection of dolls dressed in clothes from Biblical times was on show in the Museum of Ethnography in Haifa before it closed down.

Some people look to the stars - we expect you to look up at the ceiling for there you can see Barbie Heaven, Superman carrying the baddies he has overcome, a hammock full of welltravelled bears and a gorgeous set of Charles Eames cards.

of course there is lots more!

These dolls from India are in a collection of more than 200 in ethnic dress from all over the world. 

There are more toys and games from India in the folklore section of our Resource Centre of Play. 

These three were made by children.

                                 These are handmade from natural materials.                                         

The game pieces are beautiful. We give workshops on how to play these games.

When we have family events you may play with some of our treasures.

-even these from the collection of horrible toys.