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My aim is to have some material from you for the next Newsletter of our association. This I plan to send out in the second week of November. It should be of quality so as to attract people to visit our website and to consider coming to our Congress next July.

I can of course send out a newsletter full of trivia.

It can go out next week.

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Or phone me to discuss it.

+972 3 5282779 is my home phone number and I expect to be in most evenings at present as I am preparing to go to Boston for a few weeks as my daughter in law has a Wexner scholarship to Harvard and my son and grandchildren are giving her support. Then I shall be in < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">England for another grand daughter's half term. I shall be pleased to meet any of you on my travels if our paths might cross.


Letter from our President. (The one in TASP Newsletter was far too long. Did any of you read it?)


Additions to program?

Last date for submission of papers the same?

Social program development?


Anything to add about the ITRA-BTHA prize. If not I shall refer readers to our website.

News of Members

 At this year’s TASP conference in Rochester NY, Professor Brian Sutton-Smith, one of our founding members, received a lifetime achievement award for his work in studying play. 

Can one of you send a photo and write a bit more about it?


Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., the child play and toy expert known as Dr. Toy, received a Wonder Woman Award as 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year from the professional organization Women in Toys, and Playthings Magazine. It is no surprise that Dr. Toy, a non-stop worker in the Toy Community, should have received this award. Play On Stevanne!!!!


Other news will be put in  - but it has to be sent – I do not have a crystal ball.

I have a new grand daughter


Books by our members. 

1.         Gilles Brougère, Jouer/Apprendre, Paris, Economica, 2005 (176 pages)

ISBN : 2717851194

To play/to learn or (better) Playing/Learning


Short presentation (cover):

Playing and learning. Playing or learning. This book refuse this to choose, but prefer to analysis, in connection with the most recent international literature, the complex relationships which link or separate the two actions.

The myth of a play, which naturally offers learning to the child, is questioned, critiqued and outdated. Far from a functionalist vision of the play, the book tries to understand the play action and the experience which come from, situated inside leisure and entertainment.

With the notion of informal education, the author ties up the link between playing and learning. The play is seen as a social activity, which varies against the contexts. Beside of the entertainment game, which allows learning in an incidental way, others games are build with explicit pedagogical goals. Play and games are polymorph, and the book thy to see their transformations.

( In French “jeu” means play and game)

I shall edit it to smooth the English and to make it a little shorter.


2. Malena – Please send a paragraph about the book of the last conference. How are we making it available?


3. No-one has sent anything else though' some reviews were promised.


4. I can write short reviews of some relevant books not by our members.


If I do not receive anything else from you should I put this section in?



May we say that we were pleased to see the quick response by manufacturers in pulling their tainted toys from the market?

How effective can their code of manufacturing ethics be?

''The Toy Industry Association Board of Directors has committed the Association to strive for and model the highest level of responsible behavior in its affairs.   In addition, it has formally adopted a MEMBER CODE OF CONDUCT to provide a set of principles as a guide for members to use in their own business affairs. The Board believes that very act of articulating principles of acceptable behavior and communicating those principles to the association’s members helps establish an environment that encourages such behavior.'' 

Is it appropriate for us to publish guidelines?

Who would like to write something to go under this heading – or quote something already drawn up?





The results of the contest challenging designers to design an object or a series of objects which contribute to the development of children's imagination and creativity are available on

The feedback from the judges is excellent. I may be biased but I enjoyed reading Jean-Pierre Rossie's comments on the toys submitted more than I did the others.

Would any of you like to comment on this competition?




The Bloom Report was recommended to our members.

I signed up to get it but it never came so I am unable to comment.


When does a conker stop being a horse chestnut and become a toy? This might be new information for some of you.

I grew up in the shade of a magnificent conker tree which, it was claimed, was the one Chaim Weitzman took horse chestnuts from for his research. Conkers were an important toy in our neighbourhood. is a site worth visiting and has many recommendations to other sites. is Bernie de Koven's site which should be on your list of places to funfully frequent.

There are more sites I can mention but they are ''light'' places not particularly scholarly. However – your vote on this is of estimable worth...... =========================================================


TOY CLASSIFICATION< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" prefix="v" namespace="">

This toy appears on our website. I have one on my desk received as a gift. It was labelled as a ''massager''. There are statistics quoted as showing that two thirds of back massages lead to sexual activity so can our ladybird be classified as a sex toy?





The Kidrobot people must be fans of Calvin and Hobbes to have produced this…..


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I sent this on to some patent lawyers who were suitably amused.


Airfix has gone into administration, prompting an outpouring of nostalgia for the kit models. Military Historian Peter Caddick-Adams writes that for many, memories of assembling models of Spitfires and Lancaster bombers epitomise a lost childhood.

Read his article Airfix made me the man I am at


The Children's Play Information Service are developing a database of current research on children's play, and are in the process of inviting researchers to submit details of their projects. The database will eventually be available on their website, and will provide an ongoing record of play-related research in the United Kingdom.



. 9 October 2007, London

Play Matters Conference and AGM 2007


8-11 January 2008, Hong Kong

Play in A Changing World: 17th IPA World Conference


please send info about other relevant happenings



There is enough here for a newsletter but with your input it would be much better.