Channukah 08 Family Play Days

 ימי משחק משפחתי בחנוכה


The Educational Centre for Games in Israel. Heritage Centre of Playהמרכז החינוכי למשחקים בישראל מרכז מורשת המשחק

Our Family Play Events during the school holidays are opportunities for families to play together in a unique environment.


The notice in English follows

ימי משחק משפחתי בחנוכה

ום שלישי, 23 בדצמבר

יום רביעי, 24 בדצמבר

09:30 – 12:30

המרכז החינוכי למשחקים בישראל

מרכז מורשת המשחק

רחוב התבור 32 תל אביב

(בקרבת נחלת בנימין)


054-4 717 314                                     03-6294151


בואו להכין צעצועי נייר וקרטון

שחקו איתם

וקחו אותם הביתה


אנו פועלים על בסיס התנדבותי

תרומות בסך 35 ₪ למשתתף יתקבלו בשמחה


תצוגה ייחודית של בובות ומשחקים תוצג במרכז לכל אורך ימי הפעילות


*Every Child A Toy Maker.

Tuesday 23rd. and Wednesday 24th. 09:30 – 12:30.

Each day a different program of Make 'n play with whirligigs and such stuff  (and incidentally learning some science.) 

Many of these paper and cardboard toys you can find in ''Every Boy His Own Toy-Maker''  by F. M. Lupton, July 1894, but not the robotic hand. That you can learn to make on Tuesday. 

The original advertisement by the inventor of Thaumotropes was ''To Please and Surprise by Turns''. Find out why on Wednesday.

Of course you can also play with games from our collections and build and dress up.


*Judie Mamou, an English teacher in Rechovoth, has a unique collection of toys, dolls, teds and memorabilia which she shall show in our centre. Judie will be with us during Channukah to share her memories. The exhibition will open 23rd. December 09:30.  Pin up your memories of your toys on the door and get a jellybaby.


*Duxibition. In honour of 100 Years of Play in Tel Aviv. Come and see if we have reached the hundred yet.


*Tantrix Tournament. 28th and 29th December. Registration required.


* Sudoku. The AHA! Method of Attack. Next workshop will be 13th. January.


*Playsmith Bernie Dekoven is giving a workshop on 20.1.09 at 16:30.  He will revive your spirit of play. Registration required. See his website 

*PlayForum will follow Bernie's Workshop.


*Special  Individual  Play Sessions Registration required.


You are invited to contact us for further information on any of our activities.

The Educational Centre for Games in Israel.  Heritage Centre of Play. 32 Hatabor St. Tel Aviv. (Near Nachlat  Benjamin Mall.)  0544 717 314.  03 6294151. Map of our whereabouts e-mailed on request to: