Bernie Dekoven at The Educational Centre for Games in Israel (ECGI)

Bernie wrote this after his visit to us. The workshop was well attended and we all learned from him and had lots of fun. He has generously offered to give us another workshop on his next visit.

Do visit his website if you have not already done so.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Sound and Fury at the Educational Centre for Games in Israel

I learned about The Sound and the Fury more than 30 years ago, when I first joined the New Games Foundation. Since then, I've been teaching it almost every chance I get. I have my reasons, in deed I do. It's a great way to get people involved, engaged, open, willing to play, exploring their own capacities for public silliness, and a perfect introduction to the idea of Coliberation.

I had the chance to teach the game again with some rather remarkable people in a rather remarkable place. The remarkable thing about these people was that they came from all over
Israel because they value play and games and toys as tools for restoring health. The remarkable place was called "The Educational Centre for Games in Israel." And the remarkable woman who invited me to speak was its director, Helena Kling.

I first encountered
through her work with the International Toy Research Foundation. I found the following description of Helena and her center in an old issue of the ITRA newsletter

"Helena is by profession a psychologist specializing on Children’s Play in Hospita, and has for many years been working on projects about play. At present running the Educational Centre for Games in Israel, a non-profit association which she describes as follows:'We have a small building full of stuff, a veritable 'heritage centre' of play; there is 'hands on play' available; a work room where people can make games and toys; an exhibition room with miniature rooms and two model railways; a library that has become a centre of information on play; a large collection of Israeli board games and collection of collections and dolls and so much more that if I go on writing about it I am afraid of disbelief!'"

Such wonderful energy. Such a deep commitment to play. Such an honor. Such a fun person to play with.

Bernie DeKoven, funsmith


Bernie chose to put a picture on his website of some of us at the workshop. If you think the lady on the right looks like Margalit Akavyah (our founder) you are correct. It is her daughter.